Turbo T Pool Cleaners: The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner To Buy

The  Turbo T robotic pool cleaner which has a bag and a remote is used for in-ground pool cleaning. Except for tile it cleans every normal pool surface of any size and shapes up to the waterline. This powerful machine has a distinctive pressure washing system and a very good mesh filter. This saves energy and makes the water shining after cleaning. The machine is programmable. 

Top features of Turbo T Pool Cleaner are given below:

 Designed For Pools: This can clean a 50’ long pool having any shape in just 3 hours. It is equipped with an auto-shut system which shuts off automatically on completion of the cleaning cycle.

  • Customization: The digital power supply enables it to complete a 7-hour cleaning cycle. Alternatively, it can perform an automatic operation with existing equipment or auto-control pool equipment.
  • Filtration: This pool cleaner can remove all debris and dirt and it filters the water down to 2 microns with a self-contained and reusable 19-quart capacity filter.
  • Quantity: The Pump Motor is sealed individually; is brushless, oil-filled for lubrication and cooling. This is water-cooled and can pump 5,000 gallons of water per hour.
  • Drive Motor: This is also individually sealed, water cooled and oil-free.
  • Cord: It comes with thermoplastic rubber cord. This is long-lasting and floats on its own and is 61’ long for Power Supply (no chlorine corroding KevlarTM). 

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Other advanced features of this pool cleaner are: 

  • The Aquabot Turbo T has a reset button to protect from out of water or premature operation Operating Cost: Per cleaning cycle, the estimated cost of this pool cleaner is less than 10. The cleaner runs with 140 watts and voltage 115 V / 60 Hz, 24 V.
  • Warranty: This pool cleaner has a warranty of 3 years/200 Cycles. This is prorated warranty i.e., you may have to pay some costs towards repair and replacements.
  • Safety & Reliability: The Cleaner, cord and the power supply are all ETL tested. These are listed with UL Standards which is the highest safety and reliability certification agency in the industry.
  • Unit Dimensions: 16″ x 15″ x 13”. It weighs 16.7 lbs.


 The Aquabot Turbo T pool cleaner displays an extraordinary cleaning ability and this is why it is chosen as one of the best pool cleaners. The design is user-friendly and is manufactured under modern and advanced technology. The maintenance of this cleaner is very simple.

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